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It is our great pleasure to Welcome each of you to IHStv (In His Service television).  It is out of obedience to and in honor of God that this network is being established to bring His Word to the nations. We hope that through our 24/7 television stations; On Demand channels; and our Spirit Filled Network Programming that each of you will be inspired, uplifted, encouraged, and invigorated for your walk and relationship with God.​


In His Service television is a network dedicated to excellency.  IHStv has been developing original programming and providing a platform for up & coming talent since its local launch in 2008.  IHStv is bringing together an innovative platform of programming and real-life resources unlike any other International Faith-based network out there.  


The network is committed to developing innovative programming through media education and insight, while providing an international avenue for it's programming and various content providers throughout the nation.


The executive staff at IHStv is continuing traveling and developing partnerships with media networks and programming agents throughout the world. The new INTERNATIONAL line-up of IHStv will be infused with shared international programming.  IHStv is providing a new avenue for it's local U.S. clients to gain international viewership, as well as, providing local viewers the ability to watch great international teachers, shows, producers, inspirers, organizations, and ministries from such countries as Nigeria, Bahamas, Kenya, Jamaica, Israel, etc. We are working to provide multiple streams of opportunities and multiple innovations for our viewers and programmers.



LED and DIRECTED by God, Vivian Fry and Charita M. Johnson stand as His chosen vessels for IHStv International.  

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